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Ostergeschenk: Guter "Dip"

Auf diesem Blog gibts Geschenke, natürlich auch zu Ostern ;-) Hier ein neuer feiner Gastartikel von Mike "The Machine" Bruce, dem wahnsinnsstarken US-Marine und nun Coach. Er nimmt eine weitere Königsübung auseinander, DIPS.

Mike Mentzer bezeichnete sie mal als "Kniebeuge des Oberkörpers". Da ist einiges an Wahrheit dran. Eine wirkliche Grundübung und eine feine Gegenübung zu Klimmzügen, Rudern und Co. Im Verbund eine perfekte Sache!

Frohe Ostern und viel Spass beim Lesen,

Dominik, der morgen wieder einen genialen Strongman-Trainingstag verbringen wird...

The Dip

Every man that works out is in pursuit of an impressive upper body. The lower body must not be forgotten, but that's for another article. In gyms across the world you will see men doing sets of bench presses, biceps curls, shoulder presses, triceps work and some type of rowing motion for the back.
While the exercises mentioned above are all great, there is one exercise that is not used as often as the rest but in my opinion is one of the best upper body developers you can do: The Vertical Dip.

The Dip has been around for years and when done correctly will target your chest, shoulders, back, triceps and indirectly the biceps.
There are two ways to perform the vertical dip. To target primarily the triceps you want to keep your body completely straight up, do not lean forward. Next lower your chest all the way down until your chest is in line with your hands. Do not allow your elbows to flail out. Keep them squeezed into your sides. Finally press yourself back up to the starting position.

To target your whole upper body (as seen in the video below) all you have to do is lean all the way forward. Your elbows remain tucked into your sides, but since you are leaning forward your body is at an angle so the elbows are slightly behind you. The mechanics are the same as the straight up version:
*lower yourself all the way down until your chest is parallel with your hands.
*press back up to the starting position while maintaining leaning forward.

A key point to pay attention to are your shoulders. Some trainees experience discomfort in the shoulder area when performing dips. If you have or had shoulder troubles be careful with this exercise and work into it slowly.
The elbows are another common area that are prone to injury during the dip. Much of these nagging injuries are due to overuse and jumping to quickly with advanced techniques. Some techniques, such as adding weight to your body before building the necessary muscular strength and endurance needed in the muscle can lead to injury.

I advise all beginners to start this exercise with your bodyweight only. It is my opinion that once you can complete 20 repetitions with a full range of motion then you may add weight by use of a dipping belt. Now you are able to handle much heavier weight for lower repetitions while attaining more power and with a proper nutrition program added size.

Below I have outlined two programs, keep in mind that you will need a nutrition program specific to your goals.

For Power and Size:
Vertical Dip 12/8/6/4/2/1 and 8 repetitions. Do this once per week, preferably on the day you perform your pressing movements. Do the dip first in your workout.

For Razor Cuts and Hardness:
Vertical Dip perform 4 sets of 20/30-40/20 repetitions (bodyweight only until you can add some extra weight) do this workout 2-3 days per week skipping a day in between. This is a high volume day with light weight. These high numbers can be done, this is the way we trained in the United States Marine Corps.

The Dip is an awesome exercise that when done correctly will add new found power, size and shredded muscle to your upper body.

Keep The Faith,
Mike "The Machine" Bruce

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Danke für den Artikel. Der kommt genau passend zu meiner Dipp Station (gab es für 40 Euro bei, reicht vollkommen aus).

Jetzt heißt es üben!