Montag, 28. Dezember 2009

The forgotten art of physical culture

On sunday I made a Xmas-walk with my family in the woods of a nearby village. And I found interesting things there! An old fitness parcours, that was created in the 70's, when useful things like that boomed and the government build it for the health care of their inhabitants. In Austria there are many of this places. I also found one, when I was training in Dornbirn with world-cup climber Jürgen Reis.

But nowadays not many people use the things anymore. They go into fitness-studios, where they do mostly useless stuff or they buy training sh... from TV-commercials. That makes me very sad.

When I was in California last january I went to Venice Beach, the old mekka of bodybuilding. In earlier times this also meant doing various hand walks at all the apparatuses, that were on the beach. The things are still there (see the fotos) and they are still used, which is great. You can do pole climbs there, rope climbs and there were also parallel bars, which can be used great for hand walking! If you do this bodyweight moves regularly, you get incredibly strong and pack on muscle too. Jon Hinds, owner of the monkey bar gymnasium does and did this stuff, and he got a PanAm-champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It's the "freedom of movement" as Hinds described it in an interview with Coach Zach Even-Esh, who is also a great fan of this drills!

It would be great to see this forgotten art of physical culture coming back. It is so simple, but not easy to do. But if you do it, you get strong like an ox and also you are able to move, which is a very neglected thing in our culture nowadays! Have you ever seen a serious gymnast without an impressive upper body. This comes also from all the different moves an the gymnastic apparatuses. Thing like hand walking forms a strong body. And do not forget: This training makes fun. Which is the most important thing at all!

In my nature training winter camp on upcoming saturday I and my compadre Karl will show the participants many hand walking drills. Hopefully they then use it then in their own training. Shown in the video at the top of this blog is a training, which we do regularly. You bet, that this kind of workout rocks the body and builds tons of useful strength, conditioning and overall athleticism.

Try it and you will explore this powerful stuff,


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P.P.S.: Also read this article about hand walking:

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