Mittwoch, 4. November 2009

rope climbing rocks!

I cannot recommend rope and pole climbing enough. This old-school-exercises hit your whole upper-body, especially your back, arms (talk about useful biceps strength) and the grip. But you also need great torso strength to make the pulling happen in a coordinated manner! I love climbing because it is an athletic exercise, which helps everybody. Combinated with a pushing exercise like handstand-push-ups or ring dips, it will give you a tremendous workout.

Yesterday we did a heavy session with a dozen climbs on a rope with 7 metres (23 feet) in length. I also made double climbs (watch the video above) or "no-no-climbs" as I call them, because I didn’t used my feet at all and I didn’t used chalk either. These climbs are brutal as were the ones on the slippery poles too.

Next workout I will use some extra weight. I am trying to climb up with the 24-kilo kettlebell.

Give rope climbing a chance, you will be very happy with it! Watch out for my DVD “Gorilla Camp”, which is available at

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P.S.: for my german readers: also listen to the about rope climbing. Just put in the word "seil" in the search-function and you will find killer interviews on

P.P.S.: I often get mails from people, who want to have a training plan. But this is not a thing for one email. I only make perfect things, because otherwise success doesn't happen. But I am available for private coaching. Just shoot me an email at and we can connect together!

P.P.P.S.: Good read for hardgainers is this article from the great Bill Starr:


Rosch hat gesagt…

"Next workout I will use some extra weight. I am trying to climb up with the 24-kilo kettlebell."

Du bist positiv verrückt Dominik!

Deine Power am Seil ist sehr inspirierend und motivierend, genauso wie Karl's Hangelvideos. ;)

Wieder einmal schön verständlich sowie anschaulich geschriebener Post.


PS: Auf meinem Blog gibt es einen neuen Artikel zum Thema "Hügelsprinten". Wäre schön, wenn der ein oder andere mal vorbeischaut...

Anonym hat gesagt…

wow ... ich würd vermutlich hinüber sein

Teresa hat gesagt…

Wow! That's really impressive, Dominik! What a grip!
Where is this fabulous facility??
Steve Maxwell